Photorealistic materials (PBR)

3D Toolbox3DDesign

Embedding (iFrame)

Embed Smartvus via iFrame

Lighting & Shadows

Realistic lighting and shading to real-time shadows.
3D Toolbox3DUXDesign


Create & maintain content in multiple languages

Anzeige als WebAR

Augmented Reality ohne App – direkt im Browser auf Smartphone & Tablet anrufen (ARKit Preview, ARCore)
Augmented RealityCross Platform3D

Cross Platform

Any smartvu can be accessed & displayed on any device, in the browser and on the VR glasses


3D Toolbox3DInteractionHotspotsUX



Hotspot Design

3D Toolbox3DInteractionHotspotsUX

Image Hotspots

3D Toolbox3DUXHotspotsInteraction

Life-size AR Model

1:1 scale and placement of the 3D model in the real world
Augmented Reality

3D Hotspots

3D Toolbox3DInteractionHotspotsUX

3D Variant Hotspots

Use 3D objects as hotspots for object and variant configuration.
3D Toolbox3DInteractionHotspotsUX

3D Color Hotspots

Use 3D objects as hotspots for color configuration.
3D Toolbox3DInteractionHotspotsUX

3D Material Hotspots

Use 3D objects as hotspots for material configuration.
3D Toolbox3DInteractionHotspotsUX

Globale Media Library

Unterlagen hochladen (PDFs, Bilder, Filme, Dateien) und global in Smartvus, Showrooms und Apps verwenden


Augmented Reality


3D Toolbox3DUXInteraction

Animation Clip

3D Toolbox3DAnimationUXInteraction

1-Axis Animation (IK)

3D Toolbox3DAnimationUXInteraction

2-Axis Animation (IK)

3D Toolbox3DAnimationUXInteraction

SmartVu® Collection Template

Smartvu collection with title and buttons in header
Smartvu Templates

Media Library

Media library with custom sections of documents (images, pdfs, movies). Searchable. Multi-language support.
App Page Templates


Control interactions, functions, configurations and animations in Smartvu via UI elements

Windows Support

Microsoft Windows 8, 10 & 11

Movie Player

Player for local or streamed movie files.
App Page Templates

Android Support

Google Android starting at Version 7

Web Page

Embed an external website or link.
App Page Templates

Password Protection


Publishing (previously "Share")


Simple Navigation Page

Fullscreen page with dynamic background images, logo, and vertical rows of buttons aligned at left and right side of the screen.
App Page Templates

Material configuration

3D Toolbox3DInteractionUXConfiguration

Color configuration

3D Toolbox3DInteractionUXConfiguration

Kontakt Page

Display a map, contact information and social media channels.
App Page Templates

Map Page

Interactive Map using Google or Apple maps. Includes live GPS and directions.
App Page Templates

PDF Page

PDF viewer with page and overview section. Supports bookmarking and sharing of pages.
App Page Templates

Image Gallery

Image gallery with multiple images, sliding functionality and grid overview.
App Page Templates

List Page

Looks like a SmartVu® list but allows you to link any page (or SmartVu®).
App Page Templates

SmartVu® Start Page

Use as root layout for a simple app. Shows a list of SmartVu's®. Additional options in header. Right-side menu bar with additional linked pages (up to 3).
App Page Templates

SmartVu® List Page

List of SmartVu's®. Additional options in header. Option to choose between bookmark layout (layout which lets the user see his bookmarked SmartVu's® or featured layout (layout with predefined SmartVu's®)
App Page Templates

Grid Page

Fullscreen page with background image, logo, and single row of large, centered buttons.
App Page Templates

SmartVu® Option Wheel Template

Smartvu mit Konfigurationsrad zum Entdecken und Konfigurieren von Produkten.
Smartvu Templates

Multi-SmartVu® Template

Smartvu mit mehreren 3D Modellen & Sidebar.
Smartvu Templates

SmartVu® Template

Einfacher Smartvu mit einem einzelnen 3D Modell & Sidebar.
Smartvu Templates

Boxed Layout Page

Fullscreen page with dynamic 3D background, navigation bar, and single or double column list of large cells. Optional footer with additional buttons.
App Page Templates

Apple iOS Support

Apple iOS Version 14, 15 and 16


Augmented Reality

Media Library Folders

Inhalte & Dateien in der Media Library in Ordnern gruppieren & sortieren

Action Editor

Actions über Drag & Drop Editor erstellen & verwalten

Smartvu Base Info

Manage title, description, keywords, thumbnails and always keep the overview

Meta Quest 1 & 2

Virtual RealityDevices

Media Library

Produkt-spezifische Unterlagen hochladen: PDFs, Bilder, Filme, Dateien


Draft Mode (Draft)


Sidebar Widgets

Widgets mit der die Sidebar per Drag & Drop gestaltet werden kann
SmartMarketingSalesProduct InfoEditor


Widget Editor


Drawcall Optimization

CAD/3D Reduction

On-table AR / Scale Model

Freely scalable model size in AR mode
Augmented Reality


Zusätzliche Produkt-Informationen zu jedem 3D Modell mit anzeigen
SalesMarketingSmartProduct Info

USDZ Export

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